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Troubleshooting. When I first starting working on this car I found at first the no start problem to be a faulty ignition relay ' no power to the coil, then no power out of the coil. Replaced coil now I have spark everywhere, fuel ect. Timing belt was stripped of teeth causing an intermitate rotation of the engine. Replaced timing belt, all marks correct, lines up fine with top dead center cylinder one with distibutor, tried adjusting the distributor advanced and retarted, car really wants to start now but just wont. I dont know the history of the cars failure to start or what was done in an attempt to start it. But with two electrical componets down at the same time my concern is that someone jumped it incorrectly shorting the componets out my question to you is could the ecm now be my next step and if so how can I conferm if it is? The check engine light doe
s come on and goes out while trying to start the car. Im at a lose at this time any suggestions? Also found a green ground wire off the body that had a clip on the end and attached it to the motor mount which is where it seemed to have come from.
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Friday, February 8th, 2013 AT 9:12 PM

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Any applicable trouble codes? You should be able to check mil codes, yourself. You turn the key just till the dash lites, come on, no further. Cycle the key, on--off, on--off, on. Then the mil on the dash starts flashing, you count the flashes to get the codes. Your looking for two digit codes. Let us know about the codes.

So, you visually checked for spark and injector pulse, engine cranking? I looked at info four cylinder, with tbi fuel injection, can you see injector spray pattern, engine cranking?

Do a cylinder compression test.
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Friday, February 8th, 2013 AT 10:40 PM

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