Transmission always skips 3rd gear, and has.

  • 1992 GEO PRIZM
  • 237,000 MILES
Transmission always skips 3rd gear, and has since I got the car at 160k miles. The gear does work; it just skips past it after a second or two, no matter how much you are accelerating. When downshifting, car never shifts from 4th into 3rd, but rather goes directly to 2nd, then the same story when upshifting, skips 3rd and goes right to 4th.

Interestingly enough, sometimes when going up gentle hills, the car will shift into 3rd and stay there. But if you give it any gas, it will either downshift to 2nd or go back to 4th. So the 3rd gear is nigh well useless at this rate. But other than, the transmission works just fine.

I did fool with the throttle position cable, but with results as expected; car stayed in 2nd gear too long, but it didn't help with the 3rd gear problem at all. I will be interested to learn if this transmission has modulator diaphrams or anything like that which I can fix.

Sunday, March 31st, 2013 AT 2:39 AM

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Scan for codes it may be an electrical problem or pooor connection at trans.
Was this
Sunday, March 31st, 2013 AT 2:02 PM

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