I need to replace my blower motor

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I need to replace my blower motor. What do I have to loosen or remove in order to have enough room to get the old blower fan out and the new one in?
Saturday, December 22nd, 2012 AT 5:51 PM

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On a 1992 Buick Century you have to change the blower motor from the firewall. The problem is that the power steering pump is in the way. So, you have to remove it. NOTE: You don't have to remove the reservoir. First, using an 18mm wrench, grab the tensioner pulley and with a pipe on the end of the wrench/socket push CCW to release tension and remove the serpentine belt. Then loosen the three 13mm bolts behind the power steering pulley (you reach them through the holes). You don't have to loosen the bracket bolt that attaches the bracket to the alternator. You also don't need to remove the 15mm head bolt down and to the right of the power steering pump. But there there is another 13mm bolt on the opposite side of the pump that attaches to a rod whose other end mounts to the top back of the engine with a 10mm head bolt. This also needs to be removed. Once this is done you can maneuver the pump out of the way of the fan, but be careful with the high pressure hose and the low pressure rubber hose. I disconnected the low pressure hose and drained the tank to make it easier since the fluid was old anyway, but you shouldn't have to do this. It is still a tight fit and you have to move the PS pump out of the way by twisting and turning a bit but it can be done. You then install the new blower fan and reverse the instructions to put everything back. If you need to add fluid, remember to turn the wheels back and forth to bleed any air. I didn't have to do much of this since I plugged the low pressure line. Good luck if you have to change the blower motor! It's nice not to hear the grinding of the old one. A new one with impeller costs around $25-$30 at the auto parts store. It should take about 1-2 hours with good light.
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