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How to replace a. Timinig chain
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Disconnect negative cable at battery.
Remove coolant reservoir tank, radiator cooling fan and fan shroud.
Remove A/C compressor drive belt (if equipped).
Loosen 3 bolts securing generator in place, and remove water pump drive belt and water pump pulley.

Remove crankshaft pulley by removing 5 pulley bolts. It is not necessary to loosen crankshaft timing belt pulley bolt at the center.
Remove timing belt outside cover.

Remove tensioner spring and tensioner stud bolt, and loosen tensioner bolt. Remove belt from crank timing belt pulley and camshaft pulley after pushing up tensioner plate by finger.
Remove tensioner and tensioner plate.


Check timing belt for wear or cracks. Replace it as necessary.
Check tensioner for smooth rotation and rattle.


Install tensioner plate to tensioner. Insert lug of tensioner plate into the hole of tensioner.

Install tensioner and tensioner plate. Do not tighten tensioner bolt by using wrench yet. Hand tighten only at this time. Be sure that plate movement in arrow direction as shown in figure causes the same directional movement of tensioner. If no associated movement between plate and tensioner occurs, remove tensioner and plate again and reinsert plate lug into tensioner hole.

Before installing timing belt to camshaft pulley and crank timing belt pulley, remove cylinder head cover. After removing cylinder head cover, loosen all valve adjusting screws on intake and exhaust rocker arms all the way after loosening each lock nut. This is to permit free rotation of camshaft and the reason is; when installing timing belt to both pulleys, belt should be correctly tensed by tensioner spring force. If camshaft does not rotate freely, belt will not be correctly tensed by tensioner.

After loosening all valve adjusting screws all the way, turn camshaft pulley clockwise and align timing mark on camshaft pulley with "V" mark on belt inside cover as shown in figure.

Turn crankshaft clockwise, fitting a 17 mm wrench to the crankshaft timing belt pulley bolt, and align punch mark on timing belt pulley with arrow mark on oil pump as shown in figure

With 4 marks aligned, install timing belt on the two pulleys in such a way that the drive side of belt is free from any slack. And then tense timing belt by hooking tensioner spring to tensioner plate and bolt, and install tensioner stud and hand-tighten only at this time.


When installing timing belt, match arrow mark on timing belt with rotating direction of crankshaft.
In this state, No.4 piston is at top dead center of compression stroke.

To allow belt to be free from any slack, turn crankshaft two rotations in clockwise direction after installing belt. After removing belt slack, tighten tensioner stud first and then tensioner bolt to each specified torque. Then confirm again that the 4 marks are matched.

Tightening Torque:
(a): 9 - 12 N-m (0.9 - 1.2 kg-m. 7.0 - 8.5 lb-ft)
(b): 24 - 30 N-m (2.4 3.0 kg-m, 17.5 - 21.5 lb-ft)

Install timing belt outside cover.

Install crankshaft pulley. Fit keyway of pulley to key on crank Timing belt pulley and tighten the 5 bolts to specified torque.

Tightening Torque:
(C): 14-18 N-m (1.4-1.8kg-m, 10.5-13.0 lb-ft)

install water pump pulley, water pump drive belt and A/C compressor drive belt (if equipped).
Install radiator cooling fan, fan shroud and coolant reservoir tank.
Connect A/C compressor suction flexible hose and pipe (if equipped).
Adjust water pump drive belt tension to specification. Refer to Section 6B for procedure to adjust belt tension.
Adjust A/C compressor drive belt tension to specification (if equipped).
Adjust intake and exhaust valve lashes.
Install cylinder head cover, air intake case, pipe and air cleaner outlet hose.
Connect negative cable at battery.
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