91 Jeep Comanche brake lights not wrking

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I cant find a wiring diagram for the brake switch on my 91 Jeep Comanche. Anyone know where I can get one? Better yet, any idea why the brakes and hazard lights aren't working? New turn signal switch. All bulbs and fuses are good. The brake switch has no power on any of the 6 wires going to it. If you jump the power the hazards will work and there will power at the switch, but the brakes still wont work. And theres only power on the one wire and when you push the brake pedal, it goes off. So any ideas?
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Friday, March 18th, 2011 AT 10:16 PM

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I saw your question had not been touched at all.I'm not a paid mechanic. I do my own stuff. I am an authority when it comes to Jeep CJs. So anyway, I looked at your question and saw you said something about 6 wires on the switch. This new stuff does sometimes have some wild stuff going. So I went to Autozone on-line to see your brake switch. They display 2 of 'em. One is a pressure switch, very much like the one on my '46 Willys Jeep (if not the same one!) Which has 2 wires onlyThe other is a Pedal Switch, found at the upper end of the brake pedal (like on my '77 Jeep CJ 5) The one I have is momentary contact. With the pedal depressed it is "normally on" when the button is sprung out (but when the Switches Button is pushed in, "my" pedal is up, no foot contact, the switch is off. It too, has only 2 wires into it. The only problem I've seen with this type switch, is they will "Sorta Strip Out" the outer body "plastic" threads. This allows them to slide and become unadjusted/ out of calibration with the pedal. Usually the darn brake lights will no turn off! I solve this problem by threading real nuts over the body, instead of the little thin ones. I do not understand your 6 wire deal, unless you are messing with "anti-lock" stuff (I'm totally lost with) Doing the "jumping" of stuff (if you have no clue, as to whats what) Is a really bad Idea. How have you progressed with your ordeal?--The Medic
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Wednesday, March 30th, 2011 AT 2:33 PM

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