How do I replace a timning belt in a 1991 Ford Escort 1.9 liter

  • 1991 FORD ESCORT
  • 192,000 MILES

Waht do I need to do to replace timning belt what all do I have to remove

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Disconnect negative battery cable. Remove accessory drive belt and automatic tensioner. Support engine with floor jack. Remove engine mount at timing belt end of engine.
Remove 2 engine mount-to-bracket bolts. Loosen engine mount through bolt. Rotate engine mount out of way. Remove retaining nuts and timing belt cover.
Rotate crankshaft and align timing mark on camshaft sprocket with timing mark on cylinder head. See Fig. 1. Ensure crankshaft sprocket timing mark aligns with oil pump housing timing mark.
Loosen belt tensioner retaining bolt. Pry belt tensioner away from timing belt and tighten retaining bolt. See Fig. 2. Install mount at timing belt end of engine to support engine.
Remove spark plugs. Raise and support vehicle. Remove retaining bolt and crankshaft damper. Remove timing belt.
CAUTION:DO NOT rotate crankshaft or camshaft with timing belt removed.

If removing camshaft sprocket, remove retaining bolt and camshaft sprocket. If removing crankshaft sprocket, pull sprocket from crankshaft.

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