1991 Dodge Dynasty



February, 28, 2012 AT 12:23 AM

Was wondering of how a cheap, strong fix would be to put another metal plate under the spring. It is the rear of the car. Passenger side. Is wielding the only way. The metal is not to thick and strong. Also looks very hard to redo. Please call 816-920-5151. Thanks from john peel. Or email me que8q@yahoo. Com.

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February, 28, 2012 AT 12:26 AM

You need to take the leaf spring apart to replace it-Yes it hard work-or you can have it welded/braced



March, 10, 2012 AT 9:41 PM

Hi rasmataz. Thanks for trying to help me with my problem. Well I do not have a leaf spring. I think it is just a regular huge spring. The leaf spring is more for trucks. The spring I have sits on the metal plate that rusted out and finally broke off. I had 3 mechanics tell me that I can not have it welded. You and a few others say I can. I am not sure what to do because I do not have much metal to work with in that spot. Is there a cheap good welding kit and mask with eye protection, and book to teach me how to do a simple weld for this project. Also can I use stainless steel. Que8q@yahoo. Com thanks for any help. Have a nice week

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