1990 Pontiac Transport



July, 13, 2011 AT 3:42 AM

90 pontiac transport 3.1 CODE 44 and no other codes lean burn, and it is really is burning lean, Idles rough, no power at all. The the problem seemed to start after evap was installed (dash was removed) Fuel press is okay, no exhaust leaks timing set all grounds and power supplys was checked, new PCM, New O2, New map, Yiming chainhas no slack, New injectors, newplugs, new wires. Cap, and rotor. GET this when load is placed on charging system or alt is disconected either by disconecting the plug or, disconected bat wire or removing belt the problem totally disapears and runs perfect. So new alt was installed but still


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July, 13, 2011 AT 3:58 AM

Recheck the grounds, especially for the charging system and the ECM. A code 44 usually means there is a vacuum or exhaust leak. Make sure the injector dwell and timing is correct.

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