90' 323 home service guide

  • 1990 MAZDA 323
  • 4 CYL
  • FWD
  • 230 MILES
I'd like to service my 1990 mazda 323 protege(airfilter, spark plugs, oil, oil filter, thermostat & radiator change. Could you give me a step by step guide pls. Thankyou
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Saturday, August 13th, 2011 AT 2:26 PM

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Warm engine and drop engine oil replace the drain plug seal and fit a new filter, this is a screw on type, it may be a littel tight to remover, you can get cheap filter tools to help with this, smear a little oil on the filter seal before fitting, the air filter is a dry paper filter, remove air box lid, normally a few clips and discard old filter and fit the new one. Spark plugs are pre gaped these days, so you should not have to worry about gaps, remove leads taking car not to damage them and unscrew old plugs and fit the new ones, note lead positions before removing so you do not mix them up. Allow engine to cool and drop off bottom hose or remove radiator drain plug, you should collect coolant and dispose responsibly, not down the drain, unbolt thermostat housing clean off any old gasket or remove rubber seal if used, discard thermostat undo heater hoses and flush system until it flows clean, re fit new thermostat and all hoses, add coolant and water as required add engine oil and run engine with heater open until thermostat opens and heater is hot, shut down and check engine oil level and after engine is cool re check coolant level in reservoir.
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