1990 Ford Probe



October, 18, 2012 AT 1:52 AM

Ok. So I bought a 1990 Ford Probe from a private seller. I had the car inspected by 2 mechanics who said minus some TLC and minor repair, it was a good buy.

About 3 weeks after I bought the car, the front brakes began to lock up. At first I thought it was the calipers. So I changed the calipers, pads, and rotors. Bled the system. You know, the normal procedure for doing a major brake job.

But it didn't fix the issue. The brakes would still heat up and lock. So, I had a good friend who is a certified mechanic replace the master cylinder. And yet again, they continued to heat and lock.

Since that time I have replaced the brake hoses, and bled the system 3 more times. Yet, they still heat and lock.

It only happens during multiple stop and go situations. If I get on the interstate they never lock until I am off said interstate.

The only other thing I can think of, is the proportional valve.
Can anyone help me? I'm on my last leg with this brake system and cannot handle it much longer. And my Probe DOES NOT HAVE ABS.

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October, 18, 2012 AT 2:32 AM

Did you do all 3 brake hoses?

Yes, the proportioning valve may be your issue. How long does it take to fully release the fronts?


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