1989 Mercury Tracer



July, 27, 2011 AT 8:46 PM

My car was rear-ended and the front, passenger-side head light is demolished. No turn signal, no light. Ugh!
Anybody know where I can take it to get it fixed extra inexspensively? I drive the car daily and do not want to get a ticket if I can just get it fixed first. : )
Thanks for any suggestions!


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July, 27, 2011 AT 10:13 PM

I cant tell by the picture. Does your car have a composite light & turnsignal made all in 1 piece? Or is the headlight separate from the turnsignal?



July, 27, 2011 AT 10:37 PM

Found Ya!

The Medic



July, 27, 2011 AT 11:23 PM

Been gone most of the day, had to pick up my workers comp settlement. Sorta smilin'. Coulda been better.

OK---#1, A Jeep would have never sustained that kinda damage, the other feller in the 'Vette. Chevette, would be posting right now, over in the Chevrolet forum!

#2 Rear-ended generally means your tail lights would be damaged. You were-a-texting, looked up too late, feller in front of you got "REAR-ENDED"?

#3 Wax it good, take a cooler of beverages to the Chrysler Dealer. About 2 hours later, suggest a trade-in for something "Real", maybe they won't look as hard at your trade?

Wild "Munchkins" are also great diversion makers too!

Seriously, are you in sorta a small town?

Are there any Small Ma and Pop "Self Serve" auto salvage yards around?

Many of them sorta will do minor parts swapping at low costs. Ride around, ask friends, ask at popular auto parts stores, WHERE THIS PERFECT RESOURCE IS LOCATED.

Yes, when I go to 'em I take a cooler with water and assorted soft drinks with me.

The best approach I have found is to talk about the situation a few minutes. Pause, grab a drink, . Down a little, apologize, hand out drinks to all.

Continue the conversation, obtain parts/ services, then just before "pay-out time". Sling out another round!

Many times, especially places I frequent, I'm only out of 6-10 drinks. They give me the parts for free. NO JOKE!

If the pic I saw, isn't your prom queen neighbor, you could probably pull this off, using no props at all!

I too, have one we call "'Lil Red", the "last resort" driver at my place! You can see both/ or part, of my Jeeps. Lil red in the back

The other pic a saw. Tickets to Disneyland. Takin' me?

You do know that returning to your old post will Email alert me, didn't you?

Should I message you. Home>your name> on left is "Messages"

Gimme your best shot!

You know I'm the best answerer you ever had!

The Medic



July, 27, 2011 AT 11:34 PM

I think the turn signal and light are separate.

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