1989 Mercedes Benz 560sel



September, 30, 2011 AT 6:17 PM

Recently the hangers for my exhaust system broke, leaving my system on the ground. I have repaired the hangers and now after the car warms up I will experience a loss of power.

During driving it will unexpectedly lose power and sounds as if it is choking. The RPMs drop and there does not appear to be a transmission problem. Sometimes turning the car off will eliminate the problem, other times it is ineffective.

I have checked (and have had checked with a MB certified mechanic {who said it should not be doing this});

Engine (#3 cylinder not firing)
Exhaust (no damage seen, catalytic converter intact inside and out)
Air filter
Fuel filter & pump

At a loss here, do not know where the issue is coming from. Going from 60mph to 20 mph on the highway is dangerous. This is my only form of transport and I need help!

Thanks in advance!


1 Answer



September, 30, 2011 AT 7:30 PM

First yo have to find out why #3 isn't firing, that is your loss of power. Put a vacuum gauge on the intake and if the vacuum is 15" or lower at idle you may have a blocked exaust either system or converter. Check fuel pressure as well.

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