89 GMC Sierra

  • 1989 GMC TRUCK
  • V8
  • 2WD
  • 250,000 MILES
It was -40 degrees this morning when I started my 89 sierra to warm it up before work. As I was walking back inside I though I heard a small ping from the engine but thought nothing of it. The truck seemed to run fine on the way to work but the check engine light came on half way there but went out when below 40kph. Then after work when I went to start the truck it fired right up but seemed to put out alot more exhaust than usual that was darker and smelled of gas. There was also a black spray from the exhaust which also smelled of gas. When driving the engine seemed slow to respond from a stop and when slowing to a stop the truck seemed like it wanted to stall out. The truck is an 89 sierra 1500sle with a 5.7L 350 auto
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Saturday, January 15th, 2011 AT 2:11 AM

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Attempt to pull codes from the computer-could also be one of the following causing to run rich

1. Fuel pressure not within specs. Can be cause by restricted fuel return line or defective fuel pressure regulator.
2. Defective Oxygen Sensors.
3. Leaking injectors.
4. Coolant temperature sensor out of calibration.
5. Restricted air intake system.
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Saturday, January 15th, 2011 AT 2:24 AM

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