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I am trying to replace the timing belt and water pump on a 1988 audi 5000s quattro. I am looking for a step by step of what I need to remove in order to at least get the timing cover off. The harmonic balancer is too close to the frame to get a puller in to remove it. Any help would really be appreciated.

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Removal (1987-90)
Disconnect negative battery cable. Remove upper radiator cover. Remove drive belts. Remove power steering pump with pressure hoses connected. Set pump aside. Remove valve cover and outer timing belt covers. See Fig. 1.
Using crankshaft bolt, turn crankshaft clockwise to TDC of No. 1 cylinder compression stroke. Align timing mark on back of camshaft sprocket with upper edge of gasket. See Fig. 2.
Loosen water pump adjusting bolts to relieve tension on timing belt. Remove timing belt. Remove water pump to check "O" ring. DO NOT allow crankshaft or camshaft to move.

Installation (1987-90)
Ensure both camshaft lobes on No. 1 cylinder point upward. Mark (notch or dot) on back of camshaft sprocket must be aligned with top of valve cover gasket or rear timing belt cover. Crankshaft must be at TDC for No. 1 cylinder. Flywheel TDC mark must be aligned with index point on transmission housing.
Install water pump with new sealing "O" ring. Install timing belt. Turn water pump body counterclockwise to increase belt tension. Tension is correct when belt can be twisted 90 degrees using finger pressure at point midway between camshaft sprocket and water pump sprocket. Recheck valve timing. Complete installation in reverse order of removal. Adjust drive belts to proper tension.

Drain cooling system. Remove timing belt covers. Turn crankshaft to TDC for No. 1 cylinder. Align timing marks on flywheel and camshaft gear with reference marks.
Loosen water pump to relieve tension on timing belt. Remove timing belt. DO NOT allow crankshaft or camshaft to move. Remove water pump.
NOTE:If remanufactured water pump is being used, check "O" ring size. Some pumps are resurfaced and require a 5 mm "O" ring. These pumps will have numeral "5" stamped in mounting flange.

Install water pump in reverse of removal procedure, using new "O" ring. Ensure valve timing is correct prior to installing remaining components.

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