1987 Lincoln Mark VII



November, 20, 2010 AT 7:57 PM

I have a "87" Lincoln LSC (5.0l H.O.) With a seized bottom end. But I also have A "87" T-Bird with a (5.0l Non H.O.) Low miles! Can I swap short blocks or? Or if I swap complete engines do I have to swap P.C.M's (computer)? Thanks: Shaun.

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November, 20, 2010 AT 8:01 PM

First, please understand we only recommend direct fit parts. When you change things like this, other problems occur. The only thing I can think of that "MAY" work is to take the good short block and basically replace everything from the HO engine on to it. However, make sure there are places for all the sensors. Basically, you are only using the block, crank, pistons from the good engine. The heads, sensors, intake, injectors. Must come from the bad engine.

As far as switching the PCM, then you'll end up with electrical problems in other areas.

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