1968 Mercury Montego



April, 19, 2012 AT 11:23 PM

My 68 Montego wouldn't start. I was able to start it by jumping the solenoid so I figured it was a bad neutral safety switch. I got a used switch from a buddy's parts car and put it on and it started. Problem is that on my column there is no "male" protrusion extruding from the column into the switch. By pushing the switch into the furthermost position, (the park position) the car will start as normal. I didn't think to see if the car would start with the gear selector in reverse or drive, and I wouldn't really care if it did. I'm accustomed to only starting the car while in park anyway so I don't see this as an issue. My question is; is there any reason why I should go to the trouble to get that "male protrusion" which slides into the neutral safety switch? The protrusion on my column is missing. And it I were to replace it is this something that I could just slide out of a parts column, and then slide into my column and then install the neutral safety switch or would I have to tear the column shaft apart? Right now I just have the switch connected to the wiring and hanging and the car starts as normal.

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April, 20, 2012 AT 1:07 AM

The switch is for saftey. If you wish to bypass it, you can, but is never advised. You could always put a manual switch on the dash to start as well.


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