1965 Oldsmobile



January, 1, 2012 AT 4:43 PM

Hello my name is Michael and I recently bought a 1965 Oldsmobile f85 deluxe as a restoration project. I'm only 20 and don't know any specifications or where to get wire diagrams. I didn't realize this car would be so difficult to get information on. Where can I go to get in depth details on this specific vehicle. I've tried the local library and auto parts stores with little or no help at all. Any response would be more that appreciated! THANK YOU!


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January, 1, 2012 AT 5:51 PM

If you post the engine size I will see what I can find, what specs do you need? You could try a subscription to Mitchell on demand online, they do you vintage sections.



January, 1, 2012 AT 5:56 PM

I had a 1968 caddy sedan deville and had the same problem I ended up getting a gm caddy factory shop manual the one the caddy techs would have used at the dealer.I found mine at a collector car swap meet in pomona califorina.I got the shop manual covering the engine vacuum diagrams etc. There was also another book that covered window regulators etc it was the body by fisher book. The book I had was very detailed and was worth the 45 I paid for it. You can look on ebay hemming motor news I would look also they used to sell those in 7 elevens.



January, 1, 2012 AT 6:14 PM

Iam sorry I had a 1969 caddy I looked on ebay and they have factory shop manuals for your car. Just put in the search box 1965 oldsmobile shop manual. They have all the different ones chassis body etc. It would be cheaper then buying a mitchell vintage subscription and you would know these books would have all the info you needed.I loved my book.

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