My transmission hard line blew off of the.

My transmission hard line blew off of the fitting that was attaching it to the other section of the hard line which attaches to my radiator. It shot out all of my tranny fluid while I was on the road. I pulled over, assessed the situation and began to re-attach the line with the fitting. It ran well and went through all of my gears but it is still leaking tranny fluid. Would I be better off attaching the lines together with a rubber hose and fastening it down with with a clip or buying a new hard line? Also if I need to buy a new hard line I cannot find them anywhere. Can you help?
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Tuesday, November 27th, 2012 AT 6:18 PM

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There are hard line adapters that are available that might fix your problem. Go to and look in the hoses and connectors section for hard line adapters. It crimps the line properly and you can attah it to a hard or stainless steel braided line, which is what I would reccomend to help with engine/tranmission movement. You will just have to by some fittins and some stainless braided line and it looks great.
You could also go to your local auto parts store and re-flare your line. Look for a flaring tool for hard lines that does both 37 and 45 degree crimps. I cannot say without looking at it which degree crimp you will need and our service manuals don't go back that far. All you need to do is measure the angle of your other lines faler at the nut.
I found an article on a site that will really help you out. I think it looks like it will walk you through everything I am talking about, shows you the flaring tool, which is not too expensive, and how to use it with a well done video on making a hard line. So, if you want to replace the hard lkine it shows you how to make hard line, since you can't find one, that is the page I am sending you. But, if you look about halfway down or further down the page you will see links for hoses. So I am guessing they will show you how to make a steel braided hose and attach it to your hard line as I mentioned.
I think it looks like it will explain both options well, you won't have to find the line itself as a repoduction company for Fords which will charge a lot of money is the only place you will find a pre-made line, it is not hard to make your own hard line and as long as there aren't any really tight turns, you can bend it by hand and avoid buying a tube bender..which is less than $20 if you want to.
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Tuesday, November 27th, 2012 AT 6:48 PM

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