1999 Volvo XC70

Electrical problem
1999 Volvo XC70 All Wheel Drive Automatic 161000 miles

A few days ago the engine stalled, the battery was dead so I replaced it. It started right up and ran well for a couple days. Then it stalled again but this time I was able to creep home a few blocks. When I turned the engine off it wouldn't start again but an hour later it started. I was able to drive it a short distance to an Auto Zone where they tested the alternator. Reading was 11.15. So I made an appointment to have that replaced. However during these past couple days whenever I start the car the warning light ETS stays on -- the manual says it inciates a fault in the engine control system -- so I'm wondering if there's a different problem other than the alternator?
JA Dybvig
September 4, 2010.

The ETS light is for a fault in the electronic throttle module. If charging system was not properly chrging and battery voltage droped belowe 10 volts, it will cause the electronic throttle to stop responding. Fix the charging issue and you need someone that can scan the codes on the electronic module.

Sep 6, 2010.