2005 Volvo S60

Engine Performance problem
2005 Volvo S60 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 19000 miles

my Volvo S60 2.5T 2005 19,000 miles presents misfire in the Cylinder two error in the scanner is the code P0302 also has a lean off idle error P2177 I do to fix it? In the morning is when there is much, the machine vibrates and walking half the rpms unstable 650rpm - 750rpm, and it did change spark plugs, the coils seem to be well, another is in the exhaust is heard a noise like thunder mild, otherwise which is the position of the cylinder two seeing the engine in front of (my car is 5-cylinder type of engine b5254t2)
November 18, 2008.

Are you out of factory warranty already?

Mar 29, 2009.
My warranty ends.

Mar 30, 2009.
Well cylinder #2 location. At front of the engine the first coil would be #1 so the next one will be #2. You should take to the dealership if still under warranty. But check your plugs and make sure #2 did not cracked when you installed it. And I know others will disagree with this but you MUST USE VOLVO PLUGS on this thing. Bosch and Volvo do not for some reason get along or any other type of plug. But also check your coills. Quick test but you gota be carefull or you will get zapped is remove the coil hold down screw and while it is running gently pull the coil out. You should here that thing popping. If not you have a bad coil. If you want to do it the safe way you can swapp coil#1 and #2 clear the light and drive it again and see if it will now set a PO301 code for cylinder #1 misfire. Also when you remove the coil inspect the boots for arcing marks. If they are marked then replace the coil. Good Luck.

Apr 6, 2009.