1997 Volvo GLT

Engine Mechanical problem
1997 Volvo GLT Two Wheel Drive Automatic 140000 miles

My 1997 Volvo 850 GLT wagon starts, runs for 5 seconds and dies.
March 21, 2009.

Check engine light on?
Does it start back up?
Is it an abrupt stop like ignition or slower like fuel?
This come about sudendly or got worse over time?
Let me know
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Mar 23, 2009.
I drove the car to get parts, shut it off, and it would not start. It would fire on occassion, but not run. I took it to repair shop, it sat for 2 months, now it will start as soon as you turn key, but dies suddenly in about 5 seconds. It will continually repeat this. Originally no engine light on and I could get no codes (I have a very good reader and do a lot of work on my cars, Volvo, & Subarus, and Chevys) The independant shop it is at checked their data base and it listed a possible bad connection behind glove box, which they checked all connections and no change. I did have the radio out, but not unhooked and replaced, I did check connections on radio again and they seem ok. I recently bought this car and it has 140k. It did run fine prior to this. A visual check of all wiring appears fine, not repairs, frayed, or damaged seen. It is the 5 cyl turbo. When it does run, it seems to run smooth for the 5 seconds. The length of time it runs does not vary. Thanks!

Mar 23, 2009.
Che ck overload relay in central electrical unit relay # 5. If fuel pump draws to many amps relay will drop out and that cuts power to ign and pump.

Mar 24, 2009.