95 850 5 CYL. 20 VALVE 2.4L ENGINE

1995 Volvo GLT

1995 Volvo GLT 206000 miles

i have a 95 volvo 850 glt non-turbo. My timing belt broke and I need to know if my engine is an interference engine or a non-interference engine. I heard that the turbo version of the 850 is an interference engine, but it is important that I find out if mine is.I've looked a few different places but I keep getting different answers.
February 20, 2010.

Looks like it is an interference engine. If that is the case, then you may want to find a low mileage replacemen engine and go that route. When these break timing belts it damages pistons, rods, valves, cylinder heads.

Feb 22, 2010.