Volvo 240

Hi, I have a 1991 volvo 240, 4 cyl.
I'm loseing a lot of oil. Had it looked at a local place
and they said it looks like it's coming from the head.
I s there any test I can do that will tell me if it's a head gasket or a crack in the head without taking apart. Also, is there any temp. Fix that I can add to the oil
February 10, 2007.

I doubt there is a cracked head scenario, that is associated with overheating and coolant issues. If you end up taking it off, you should send it to a machine shop to have them check it for flatness and cracks regardless.

If the oil is getting on any electrical or rubber components, your best to get it done to avoid more headaches. And if it is getting on anything hot sucha s exhaust manifold or pipes, you have a fire hazard.

The only thing I can say to help slow the leak down is to ge to a heavier oil weight.

Good call Paul. No car-b-ques. Sounds moe like a cam seal. Had to replace more than one an those, while in there I would take care of the crank seal too, Its probably not that far behind

Feb 12, 2007.
Thanks for zeroing in on it Jack, As our shop is allergic to volvos, but seemed general enough in nature.