2004 Volkswagen Touareg

Engine Performance problem
2004 Volkswagen Touareg V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 108, 00 miles

have this 04 toureg- stalls, low idle, manufacturers fault code 17699- alldata has no info on fault code.
March 11, 2009.

Can you please explain to me how you got this fault code, I have all the codes on your vehicle but I can't find the one that you're telling me, did you use a genetic scan tool?

Dr Loot
May 20, 2009.
Maybe this is the code?

17669/P1261/004705 - PD Unit Injector: Cylinder 1 (N240): Regulation Range Exceeded

Possible Symptoms

* Drivability Issues
* Reduced Power
* Rough Engine Running
* Increased Emission Values

Possible Causes

* Regulation times exceeded
* Contact resistance

Possible Solutions

* Check Injectors and Injector Wiring
o See Meas. Value Block 018
o Check Resistance of Injectors/Wiring

Jul 24, 2009.
I'm wondering now What kind of maintenance you've done to this vehicle? And how you've been taking care of it, do you run premium fuel? Or do you run regular fuel? When you start your vehicle you wait for the computer to boot up before starting? Or do you just turned the key and starter right up? Have you ever used any injection cleaner? I believe the setting of the code may have just been consequential, what I'd like you to do is get some Chevron Textron injection cleaner put it in your tank, make sure you run only premium fuel, drive it for a little while, reset the code and see if it happens again.

Dr Loot
Jul 25, 2009.