2005 Volkswagen Polo

Electrical problem
2005 Volkswagen Polo 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 18000 miles

In the cold weather in UK the rear wiper stopped working.
Got it checked and found that the fuse was blown.
The garage replaced the fused.
when I switched the engine on, the air bag light did not go off, it remains on.
The garage said it may be because of the new fuse, and that after driving a few miles the air bag light go off.
But the light remains on.
I ill I have to take it to the garage for a diagonistic check or is it just a case of the battery is low.
Why did the air bag light come on after changing the fuse?
any help would be appreciated.
February 8, 2009.

It will have to have a diagnostic check and the computer to turn the light off. It is probably the self test system has picked up on a drain in electrical supply !

Dave H
Mar 22, 2009.