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My indicators are playing up. Sometimes they come on but most of the time they dont and I think it is the flasher unit that is gone however I dont know where it is to replace it.

it is a 2000 tdi vw passat/jetta

any help is appreciated
July 4, 2006.

Hi im a new member and I think I have the same problem but with an 89 vw golf, does your hazard lights work but not your indicators because if they do it might be the stem that you switch to turn left or right, you need 2 get a replacement stem but im not sure what else you have 2 do as I am only 16. Please reply to my post if you have fixed you problem

Jul 14, 2006.
Turn on the emergency flasher button. It uses the same relay. If the flashers work fine and all the time(and all the lights come on outside)-no burnt out bulbs. Many times I have found that the bulbs have corroded in the socket and are not making a good ground so the light comes on and off occasionally. Remove the bulb and sand the socket clean of rust and make sure there is none on the bulb base and reinstall it back in the socket. Then turn on the signal switch and see if it works. See if the bulb moves with your finger and goes out. If it does make it fit tighter so it doesn't bounce.

If all the bulbs are OK then the problem is behind the steering wheel, not the flasher unit. Oxidation on the contacts. But I am leaning more toward a loose bulb socket fit or corrosion in same.

Dec 12, 2006.