1993 Volkswagen Eurovan

Transmission problem
1993 Volkswagen Eurovan 4 cyl Automatic

old trans was slipping and shifting erratic. Shift points would change and sometimes no 4th gear. Replacsd w used trans. No more slip. Same shiftproblem. Unplugged rpm sensor, shifted way better. Tcm? I have no info at all for this vehicle.
are there any other models with the same system?
Tony smoot
October 30, 2010.

Well I replaced the cam sensor. And it still wont start. Replaced fuel filter too. The only thing left it can be is the fuel injectors right? Its just hard to bleave they all went bad. Cuz if it was just one it should still run? If you have a nice hot spark it cant be the crank sensor right? Even though I tap tested that and tryed unpluging it like you said and it still doesnt work. And coolant sensor. Anything else you can think of? I cant afford a $100.00 to get it hooked up to a cumputer and $90 to get it towed there. But let me ask you something. When I took the fuel filter off no gas came out the hose from the gas tank. The last time I had to bend it up so it wouldnt poor out. And I do have a half tank of gas. Filled up a 5 gallon gas jug and put it in the tank just to make sure. Cuz the guy that help me with the fuel pump couldnt get the floater on so he left it off. So I will have to put that back on. Anything else you can think of?

Nov 2, 2010.