1999 Volkswagen Beetle

Engine Mechanical problem
1999 Volkswagen Beetle 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 98,000 miles

My car battery went out and I went to get it charged and it lasted for a day. Then it died again so I had the battery replaced cause they said the battery was bad. A day later the car died again, and the battery light kept coming on and off. The car alternator is going in and out. When I went to ask about getting it replaced they wanted to charge me $600. Me being a single mom. That doesn't really work into my budget, or income what so ever. Its not even an option to pay someone. So I have been borrowing a friends car the past month going a month trying to find rides. Last week a good friend of mine came over and we started to take the car apart how the book told us to. Well. We have gotten to the place where we have the alternator off but we don't know how to get it out. There is absoulutely no room to bring it from the top or the bottom. So my question to anyone out there that may be able to help is what is the best route to take to get it out and put the new one on? We tried taking the air compressor off but that didn't work too well. So on Firday we are planning on taking the whole front end off. I need to know the easiest way to take it off, because I am now without a car again. Please can anyone help?
January 27, 2009.

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I know you say you already have the alt. loose but I am going to go ahead and post the entire replacement procedures for your vehicle's alternator. Read over them and let me know if it helps you at all. If it doesn't then I will find a tech who has replaced an alt. on your specific vehicle before, okay. Just let me know. Procedures are below..


FIG 14

FIG 15

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FIG 21


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Jan 28, 2009.