1974 Volkswagen Beetle

Interior problem
1974 Volkswagen Beetle 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 100, 00 miles

I have a Super Beetle convertible and I can't release the front trunk latch. I can pull the cable (in the glovebox) to release the latch and pull on the handle but the trunk lid won't open. I have pushed and pounded on the trunk but to no avail. Neither I or my neighbor who has extensive VW experience can figure out how to open the trunk.
William waggener
March 10, 2010.

The only thing you can try is have someone push down on the hood while you pull the lever to release the hood. You could use a pair of pliers on the hood release cable in the glove box to give you more of a pull. The only other way is by trying to get at the latch through the bottom apron pan.

Mar 10, 2010.
I do not know much about the convertible frame, but in my 73 superbeetle I removed the front part of the frame so I could get to the underside of the spare tire. I then cut out the drain plug under the spare tire and then pushed up the spare tire until I could get my hands on the locking mechanism, I had to push it over manually while someone else opened the handle. I suggest the stronger of the two do the lifting, it isn't easy lifting the tire if things are on top of it. Once it was off (since I didnt have the cable to open it from the glove box) I removed the plunger thingy that goes into the locking mechanism so that the trunk could no longer lock on me. I only keep the flat spare tire and my trash in there anyways so I don't need to lock it.

Aug 9, 2010.