1967 Volkswagen Beetle

Engine Mechanical problem
1967 Volkswagen Beetle 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual

Hi we have a VW motor 1967 and we've checked everything and it started once and then died and now it tries to turn over but wont start and seems like everything we try to start it in a row it's like it's slowly dieing.
March 5, 2009.

It sounds to me like you have starter problems, the starters dragging, the starters not turning the engine over fast enough to start, specially if the engine is low on compression, it will be harder to start, so I suggest you check out the starter, have you tried to kick start it? To see if it runs?

Dr Loot
Mar 7, 2009.
Check and make sure you are getting fuel. Check the points, You can see when the lobe of the points are on the high side of the distributor and then set the points a thickness of a match book is about right. The more you try to start it the battery drains down, recharge the battery on a slow charge this way it builds up the voltage slower but makes for a better charge. When you rty to start it don't keep the starter turning for over a minute at a time. The starter gets hot and then starts to turn over the engine slower from bein overheated.

Mar 11, 2009.