1989 Toyota Van

Engine Performance problem
1989 Toyota Van 4 cyl Automatic 170000 miles

i have voltage going to the fuel pump 3wire conector by the gas tank 2 wires have 12volt when the key is on. But the pump doesn't work. It did before I cleaned the tank. When I put a meter across the conector what shoud it read. Thank you
March 18, 2010.

It should read battery voltage. Try tapping on the bottom of the fuel tank while having someone cycle the ignition. If pump comes on its going to need a new fuel pump.

Mar 18, 2010.
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it did before I cleaned the tank.

Power the blue wire at the fuel pump connector from the battery and double check ground wire white and black and see what happens-Power on it and the ground ok-replace the fuel pump.

Mar 18, 2010.