Toyota Tercel

A '95 Tercel with about 160,000 on it. It sounds like the beginning of metal to metal in the rear brakes. After buying all the necessary shoes and wheel cylinders to do the job, I wasn't able to get the drums off. I was told to look for retainer screws or to use penetrating oil and a five pound mallet, but none of these seemed to work. Am I missing something here? What is up with these drums? T'Stomper.
August 26, 2006.

These are kinda tricky. There is a slit in the back of the drums, you will need to use two small screwdrivers. One to lift the lever up and the other to twist the knob with teeth on it upward. This will allow the brakes to retract away from the drum. If it gets harder and harder to turn, your turning the WRONG WAY. It should get easier after the initial turn. Use a head-held led light, its much easier to use while your hands are buisy with the two screwdirvers. Look at your service manual for more detailed info. I used Haynes manual.

Aug 28, 2006.
Problem solved. To get the drums off, you have to remove the wheel bearing assembly. The axle shaft goes right up the middle of the drum. After all the sweating and swearing, something this simple reminded me of why I don't like doing drum brakes in the first place. Anyway, thanks for the input and maybe some day I can return the favor. Until next time. T'Stomper

Aug 31, 2006.