1993 Toyota Tercel

1993 Toyota Tercel w/ 90,000 miles. Automatic, (2.2L engine, I think).

Had severe engine problems, pulled the engine replaced all gaskets, water pump, piston rings, etc. Engine runs great. However the car has no acceleration, at max the car can reach 15 mph with the petal all the way down. Engine seems to rev fine when in park, but when in drive doesn't, is very very delayed. Another odd thing the shifter wont go into Drive until after the car has been running for a few minutes. Fuild levels are fine, no leaking.

Any suggestions are appreicated.
April 16, 2007.

Check the CTS, TPS, VSS these checks out-could be the tranny slipping

Apr 16, 2007.
CTS, VSS, TPS, and MAP all tested fine. Also I'm hoping I've got the hoses on right, this car uses an Auxiliary Air Value on the lower intake manifold. I can't find a hose reference anywhere. I only guessed the location the hoses go back on. Their are 4 ports, two are golden colored, and two gray, I assumed the gray ones are for the radiator pump. The other two split and goto the power steering cylinder and VSS. Disconnecting these doesn't appear to make any difference in the opperation of the engine though.

Could this be a problem with the torque converter posibly not being filled with fluid? I had removed the torque converter but did nothing to the transmission other than disconnect hoses.

May 16, 2007.
Check the exhaust system for restriction

May 16, 2007.