1988 Toyota Pickup

Electrical problem
1988 Toyota Pickup 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 36000 miles

my head lights are too dim and when I turn on the hi beams, the head lights go off.
i all ready install new head lights on, what do I do to fix the problem
Jrod racing
October 31, 2010.

Check the ground circuits

Oct 31, 2010.
No luck w/ chaking the ground wires I add more ground wire to the battery ann still the same but I found a green wire (toste) the go to the tail lights from the relay on the kick panel but tail ligths work good what you think is the problem w/ the hi ligths Mr.

Jrod racing
Nov 2, 2010.
The green wire does it have a red tracer wire if so -it goes to the high beam circuit

Nov 2, 2010.