1993 Toyota Landcruiser

Transmission problem
1993 Toyota Landcruiser 6 cyl All Wheel Drive 115000 miles

when vehicle is first started the vehicle does'nt always move right away when put into gear. Once you put it back into neutral and back into drive it works fine for the rest of the day.
Gene Vogt
March 15, 2009.

Hi Gene Vogt,

Thank you for the donation.

When were the trans fluid last replaced?
Is the level correct?
Is the fluid color bright red?
Was the correct fluid used?
Does reverse work correctly or do you need to shift to neutral before it works?
Any shifting irregularities when driving?

Mar 15, 2009.
Fluid was just changed=problemexisted before the fluid was changed-fluid was very clean= no other shifting irregularities-notice an adjustment nut of some sort at the front drivers side of the transmission pan-function? Thanks for the info so far!

Gene Vogt
Mar 15, 2009.
Since trans is working correctly, here is a possibility the gear shift linkages are out of adjustment or worn.

You would need to check and readjust or replace bushes if necessary.

I am not sure what nut you are refering to and I am unable to locate a diagram to show. Would it be possible for you to snap a picture and post it here?

Mar 17, 2009.