1987 Toyota Corolla

I am working on a 1987 carburated Corolla for a friend and found an O2 sensor. Where does the signal from this sensor go, and how does it affect the carburator, what parts on the carb. Does this sensor control? This is my first experience with a carburated vehicle using an O2 sensor.
March 26, 2006.

The Oxygen Sensor 02S, tells the computer whether the engine is running Rich or Lean. It has to be heated to 600deg in order to go into Closed Loop at which time the computer control the fuel system using other Sensors to include the O2S to control fuel demand and economy/emission.

BTW what's wrong with this Toyo comeback with a problem maybe I can help you.

Mar 28, 2006.
The carburator is a feed back carburator and needs an O2 sensor to determine the dwell rate of the carb once the system heats to normal temp and changes into open loop. The carb pulse solonoid pulses at a dwell of 30 for the fuel to run the engine. The feedback carb sysyems were pre- fuel injection but with lower emissions. They have a nightmare of vacuum hoses. Don't try and defeat any of the hoses as the mileage will go to heck.

Start the car and put a screwdriver on the carb and listen at the other end in your ear. The pulse sounds like an injector pulsing.

Mar 30, 2006.