2009 Toyota Corolla

Brakes problem
2009 Toyota Corolla 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 300 miles

I bought this 2010 toyota corrolla 7 days ago. Sometimes, as I drive, and I haven't applied brakes for a few blocks or so, the brake pedal goes within an inch of the floor. 4days after purchase I took it to the dealer/service. The mechanic drove it and said they were fine and normal. Now, three days later, it did it again. If I pump it, the pedal doesn't go as far to the floor. The service manager said, " Yeah the brakes are squishy on that model but they are okay.&Quot; I don't believe him. They don't feel safe. Is an intermittant " one inch to the floor normal"?
August 13, 2009.

No that isn't normal. Does this vehicle have 4 wheel disc brakes or rear drum brakes?

Answer to your question: It has front disc/rear drum anti-lock brakes. Now, I just found where the owners manual says, " The brake pedal may move down slightly after ABS is activated.&Quot; Maybe the dealer/service can adjust how far down it moves?

Aug 13, 2009.
Have him show you in the manual where it says " squishy" is normal.

If there are no fluid leaks, it may well be the MC is bad. It happens, even to a Toyota.

But I would have the dealer fix it, go to the general manager if necessary, or to Toyota if you have to.

Aug 14, 2009.
The only things that I can think of that would cause this would be a leak, bad master cylender, rear brakes out of adjustment. Yes, if the ABS is activated, it may go down further, but not any other time.

Since you have rear drum brakes, they may be out of adjustment. That is why I asked you what type of brake system you had. That could give you a lower brake pedal and one that would pump up, but I would think they would have checked them.

Regardless, it could be a master cylender or other component. I would ask for the general manager if service won't help you. It isn't normal and if your luck is like mine, it will go bad right after the warranty runs out.

Let me know what happens and if I can help you in any way.


Hi I have a 2010 corolla and I am having the same problem. On four different occassions I have felt like something in the brakes almost touches the floor. I called the service dept. And explained this to someone who told me the car was fine, its a new car is it is " adjusting". I emailed Ernie Boch Jr. The owner of the dealship in MA where I purchased the car and a manager just called me back today and told me to bring the car in at my convenience. I will let you know how I make out, but I am glad that I found your post so that I can print it and bring it in. This will show that their is something defective with the car.

Sep 4, 2009.
ABS can cause the pedal to go down a little farther, but certainly not to the floor.

Test drive another Corolla and see if it is the same.

Sep 5, 2009.