2006 Toyota Corolla

Air Conditioning problem
2006 Toyota Corolla 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 100000 miles

my a c cools sometimes and sometimes doesn't. I have different technicians check it and 1. Said it was the compressor, 2. Said it was the high pressure switch, 3. Said it was the high pressure switch. Now my fan is not working properly. In traffic the temperature gauge rises. I checked the fuses and relays and everything is o.K. I wonder if the high pressure switch has anything to do with the fan not working properly. I am trying to come up with the cash to fix the switch but I am worried about the my car heating up so I wonder if I should check with a technician about the fan first. PLEASE HELP!
June 2, 2010.

Get the cooling fan/s fix 1st and for your AC turns cold and then hot could be freezing due to air and moisture forming ice that can block off the orifce tube-

Jun 3, 2010.
Ok I replaced the high pressure switch. The fan and clutch did engage, but the same problem persists, not as often though. I am now advised to change the magnetic clutch relay. That is my next step. Hope this will fix my problems

Jun 6, 2010.