2000 Toyota Corolla

Transmission problem
2000 Toyota Corolla 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 67000 miles

hi, I just got my clutch off of ebay and it is supposed to be a stage 1. Is there any way I can tell if it is or isn't actually a stage 1 by looking at it?
August 15, 2008.

Did it not say on the packaging the brand and specifications?

Most performance clutches have friction material made from different material than OEM clutches (Kevlar, for example).

The trade off is that they are usually not as smooth when engaging as stock ones, and increased pedal effort.

Multi-disc clutches are for racing only and should not be used on the street.

Aug 16, 2008.
Nothing came with the clutch except directions on how to put it in but it says nothing about it being a stage 1. I was just wondering because the same seller had " accidentally" sent someone else the wrong stage clutch. And it is not a multi-disc clutch.

Aug 16, 2008.
Contact the seller and have him describe the stage 1 clutch (pressure plate and disc). His description should match your actual clutch, if not, return it.

Also while you are at it, I would change the rear main seal and the trans. Output shaft seal and axle seals.

Aug 17, 2008.