1998 Toyota Corolla

Engine Performance problem
1998 Toyota Corolla 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 75000 miles

I made device able to Measurement The combustion chamber pressure like your site was publish
i have " 2e" toyota engine type 1300cc
i need to know how much the pressure (psi or bar) should I have in my engine
if you have a Measurement table for all engines sort by cc
thanks for your efforts
June 8, 2010.

Compression can run between 150 and 190psi depending on compression ratio.

Most important is that they all be the same number or within 10%.

Jun 8, 2010.
Compression ratio to my car is 9.1
my engine performance is
very excellant
gas usage and
75000 K.M
i adjust the spark plug for 0.7 mm
but when I measure The combustion chamber pressure for frist one is 80 PSI
is this ok with my compression ratio
and I need the relation betwen compression ratio
and combustion chamber pressure

Jun 8, 2010.
Compression should be 140psi.

On cylinder with 80psi, remove plug, pour a teaspoon of oil in, replace plug and try compression test again, if it goes up, then rings, if not then valve.

Jun 9, 2010.
I apologize for the inconvenience of repeated
I did not put by the oil inside the combustion chamber, but
why lay it down?
I do not complain of the performance of the motor
There is no smoke and no fuel consumption and high
i tested 4 cylinder it is the same
i use the same advice to measure the tire Pressure
it is OK?
Thank you

Jun 10, 2010.
If compression is OK, then I would not worry.

Adding oil to combustion chamber is called a " wet" compression test, and will tell you if rings are bad.

Jun 10, 2010.