1988 Toyota Corolla

Electrical problem
1988 Toyota Corolla 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 180000 miles

Try to start car nothing happens. When I turn key to start the clock and radio dim completely. I can hear the relay clicking but no starter. Battery is good and I have good ground continuity between the battery engine and frame. Any ideas?
July 25, 2008.


OK, you say the battery is good, did you have it tested? Or did you check it with a volt meter? If you checked it with a volt meter all you will find out is how much voltage is in the battery. The Battery can be Fully charge and your vehicle still will not start. Why you ask well because even though the volt meter shows 12+ volts it won't show you how many CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) are in the battery, and if there are not enough then the vehicle will not turn over.

What you describe is possibly a bad battery.

Have you tried jumping it to see if it will start?

You can take the battery out and take it to your local parts store they should be able to test it.

Jul 25, 2008.
I had the battery tested and it was good. Also tried jumping it and that did not work either. Any other things to check?

Jul 25, 2008.
If battery is good and battery terminal clean and tight
next is the starter jump the starter and check if it crank
check small wire at the starter S terminal
if not bad starter

Jul 26, 2008.