Toyota Camry

1987 toyota camry wgn 108,000 miles, auto, 4cyl, where is the water temp sensor for error code 22 there are 2 that look the same on the upper radiator hose connection at the engine one on the top one on the side
July 14, 2007.

2nd time around-Try the green connector, also have a better understanding how it works from below.

COOLANT SENSOR. Usually located on the cylinder head or intake manifold, this sensor is used to monitor the temperature of the engine coolant. Its resistance changes in proportion to coolant temperature. Input from the coolant sensor tells the computer when the engine is warm so the PCM can go into closed loop feedback fuel control and handle other emission functions (EGR, canister purge, etc.) That may be temperature dependent.

Coolant Sensor Strategies: The coolant sensor is a pretty reliable sensor, but if it fails it can prevent the engine control system from going into closed loop. This will result in a rich fuel mixture, excessive fuel consumption and elevated carbon monoxide (CO) emissions - which may cause the vehicle to fail an emissions test.

A bad sensor can be diagnosed by measuring its resistance and watching for a change as the engine warms up. No change, or an open or closed reading would indicate a bad sensor.

Good Luck and HTH

Jul 14, 2007.
I tested the resistance on the water temp sensor with the green connector. Cold it read 2.5 as it warmed up it dropped to 0.2. Is this in range for a correctly operating sensor?

Jul 15, 2007.