120,000 4 CYLINDER

1996 Toyota Camry

My friend said her car did this:
" Yesterday my car made a big BOOM on my way to clay class, and then BANG BANG BANG, then weird steering and braking. &Quot;

She had to have it towed and is very upset, she is 62 years old.
What could it be?
I'm worried she'll get ripped off?

March 8, 2007.

Could be the timing belt/chain broke, the AC compressor/power steering pump/alternator/water pump siezed.

You would have to check everything to get an idea of what happened.

Take off the accessory belts to see if something siezed. There should be an inspection hole to see if the timing belt broke. If equipped with a timing belt, it should be changed at 60,000 miles.

Mar 11, 2007.