Toyota Camry

I am considering purchasing a 1999 Toyota Camry CE with 115K miles on it. I know to ask if the timing belt was replaced. What is a reasonable amount to budget for if, in fact, it has NOT been replaced? What other " big-ticket items" should I ask about before sealing the deal?

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July 15, 2007.

Well, the best suggestion is to find a couple of quick estimates from nearby shops and go from there. I'd guess. What. 800 bucks? Maybe I'm off. Aside from that, being over 100K. I guess a tune-up is in order. You can ask if there has been any work done to the car in terms of repairs and has there been any work done on the transmission.

P.S. When you call for an estimate, ask for exactly what they will do to your car. As well, don't let them pull you in after you take your car by pointing out a million problems, " Miss, you need to change the disk comfabulator next to the radiator transfer unit which is coupled to the live rear axle head master rod shaft". If they do that, just get a second opinion from another shop.

Jul 15, 2007.
Timing belt about $56.61 with 3hrs labor @ $90.00 hrs-Total about $350.00 estimate.

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Jul 15, 2007.