Toyota Camry

2002 Toyota Camry XLE, 46,000 miles, 2.4L 4cyl

I went through the car wash, and they moved the passenger seat all the way forward when they cleaned the interior. After driving away, I found that it is stuck fully forward and won't move back at all. Other power seat functions are normal (up/down/recline, etc.) Only the movement forward/backward is affected. When the switch is pushed I can hear and feel the motor trying to move the seat but there is no movement. I've also tried sitting in the seat and pushing with my legs when activating the switch - no luck there either. Is there a safety latch or something that may be engaged? My wife is only 5 feet tall, but even she can't sit in the seat safely : o
March 19, 2007.

Use a flashlight to check to se if there is anything that would be binding the seat from moving back. Could be that when they moved the seat something might have gotten in the trac

Mar 20, 2007.
I've checked the track already, nothing blocking the movement that I can see.

Mar 20, 2007.