Toyota Camry

I have a 2000 Toyota Camry, 109000 miles, all maintenance up to date and vouched. I have a vibration coming from the car but can't pin point it. When I hit the brakes it feels like the brakes are temporarily applied then stopped but in rapid succession. I replaced my entire front end to include half shafts, tie rods, wheel hub bearings and struts. I also replaced the rear wheel hub assemblies thinking that the vibratioon could be coming from the rear. I also had the car aligned recently and am about to replace the tires as they were chopped up by faulty struts. I still have the vibration and don't have a clue as to what it is as well as the braking problem. Can they be related? What do you think?
September 26, 2007.

How about the brake discs?
Are those new?
Or did you cut them?
Everything point that you have a bad brake disc

And the calipers? Are in good shape and working properly?

Has the car been involve on an accident?

Let Us Know!

Sep 26, 2007.
Choppy tires are also from not rotating them properly, everyother oil change

Sep 26, 2007.
Nevermind Buzzass (remember?). This is happening when your braking. Fish is on the right path with the rotors, but on some of these you need to have them machined on the car.

(remember?) Your just a service bitch, I'm here to save people money not blow it, but you are finally right for a change, on the car rotor turn

Oct 1, 2007.
You mean right again. Which makes you. Wrong again. And once again. You don't know me.