Toyota Camry

I have a 2004 Toyota Camry LE with 45000 miles. It gets unstable at speeds above 60mph. When I get to high speeds the car starts veering to the left and I have to control the steering to compensate for the veering. I have had the tires aligned, they are fairly new, and the toyota dealer does not seem to think that there is anything wrong with the car. Any ideas what could be wrong? Could adding a rear spoiler improve it?
April 17, 2007.

There is something bad wrong with that car, if what you are describing is accurate.

Go back to the technician and ride with him while he drives. Then let him tell you there is nothing wrong.

No offense, but it very well may be just your imagination. Again, no offense intended.

I am suspecting an issue with the suspension, and no a spoiler will not help.

A spoiler has to be designed along with the aerodynamics of the car, simply adding one to any car, will not help at all, and it may even hurt. It is simply for aesthetics. Bad aesthetics in my opinion.

Apr 17, 2007.
I just had the same problem with my car and it turned out to be the Tranny mount.

Apr 20, 2007.