2012 Toyota Camry • 17,000 miles

I bought a car from Hertz rental (I know, my mistake) and after a few weeks the front bumper on the driver's side came loose. My husband took off the engine covers and discovered the front end had hit a pole or something, we replaced the I-beam and nuts/bolts etc. To hold on the bumper, but its still coming loose, just on the left side (probably some frame damage//bent), so my question is:

Where flimby bumper meets rest of car (there's a seam) how to get bumper to stay connected.

All others parts are replaced. Epoxy?
I now know not to buy a car with a plastic cheap bumper! Thank you
August 1, 2013.

Is the part of the bumper that you are referring to bolted on, clipped on?

The bumper is held on with a long black clip (6 inches) and the lower bumper sits on this clip (or is supposed to hook over a little lip ) under the headlight, so whats happening is that the lower bumper is loose under the entire headlight and at the side seam. We ordered the new clips and its not working. Really bad design for a bumper. I've heard once you hit these bumpers in any way they fall apart.

Aug 1, 2013.
Have you taken care of this problem?