2002 Toyota Camry

Engine Performance problem
2002 Toyota Camry 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 100000 miles

Dear Sirs,

My wife's car is a 2002 Toy Camry with a 2, 4 liter engine. I have twice tried cleaning the throttle body, replaced the fuel pump and sock, and replaced the spark
plugs. What will happen is when the car is driven, out of the blue, the idle will get erratic, the goes lower, then stalls out. After about 5 to 10 minutes, she can restart the car. So far this does not leave any codes for me to go by. Have you ever encountered this before?

Starter was recently replaced but I can't see what that has to do with this problem. No vacuum leaks and I did use a MAF cleaner to spray the MAF sensor. I recently had the altenator tested and it shows good. Charging will go down with extremely low Idle.

Need help! Ru4el4@cox. Net Melvin N.
March 16, 2009.

Hello .. thanks for the donation .. much appreciated

Try removing and cleaning the CKP (crankshaft position sensor) .. sometimes when the sensor is very dirty ar worn/damaged it sends incorrect or no signal to the ECM, especially when the engine is normal operating temperature.. this should in theory set a DTC (fault code) and show up on a scan .. but it is not always the case !!

Camshaft & Crankshaft Position Sensors (Camry 2.4L 4-Cyl. & Camry Solara 2.4L 4-Cyl.)
Camshaft position sensor and crankshaft position sensor deliver input signals to Engine Control Module (ECM). Camshaft position sensor may also be referred to as Variable Valve Timing (VVT) sensor. Camshaft position sensor is located on end of cylinder head at flywheel end of engine. Crankshaft position sensor is located on front of engine, near crankshaft pulley. ECM may use input signals for determining ignition timing (spark advance), and for controlling fuel injection system and VVT system.

Crankshaft Position Sensor (2.4L)...On left front of engine. near the crankshaft pulley

Hope this helps .. let me know

Dave H
Mar 16, 2009.
It turns out I misinterpreted the symptoms that my wife described to me. When I questioned her closely about it, it turned out to be more of a problem with the " cheapo" starter I bought a month and a half ago.
It overheated and drained the battery during cranking
and slowed down the idle when it did start. This wound up acting like something else altogether.
Thanks for the answer anyway. It has not acted up since I replaced the defective starter.

Apr 1, 2009.
No problem ... thanks for letting us know your final fix .. remember we are here in the future should you need us !!

happy motoring

Dave H
Apr 5, 2009.