1999 Toyota Camry

Suspension problem
1999 Toyota Camry 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 200000 miles

how hard to replace rear struts on a 99 Camry
January 23, 2009.

1. Raise and support vehicle. Remove rear wheels. Remove flexible brake hose and ABS speed sensor harness (if equipped) clamps from struts/shock absorbers. Disconnect left and right stabilizer bar links from struts.

2. On models with a one-piece rear seat, remove rear seatback and cushion. On models with separated rear seat, lean rear seatback forward. On Camry models, remove rear side seatback. On Camry Solara and ECHO models, remove rear outer seat belts. On Camry Solara, Celica & ECHO models, remove package tray trim panel. On Camry Solara & ECHO models, remove quarter trim panels, roof side inner garnish and room partition board. On 2000 Celica models, remove luggage compartment mat, rear deck trim cover, and deck trim side panel. On ECHO models, remove door scuff plate and door opening trim.

3. Using 2 floor jacks, support rear axle carriers, or axle beam for ECHO models. Remove strut or shock absorber lower mounting nuts/bolts. Remove the cap and strut-to-body upper mounting nuts. On ECHO models, remove the 2 shaft nuts and lower suspension support. On all models, remove strut or shock absorber

Jan 23, 2009.